Retractable Bumper with Velocity Control Technology

When you need a heavy-duty Bumper for Roll Handling, Richmond Engineering can provide standard Pneumatic and Hydraulic Bumpers, or Bumpers made with our innovative Velocity Control Technology. This allows us to fully control the velocity profile of the Bumper, resulting in a Bumper that accelerates to match the product velocity, then gently decelerates the roll to a controlled stop, minimizing equipment and product damage, thus enhancing operator safety.

      • Capacities up to 10,000 pounds, 84" diameter, and 120" roll width
      • Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic/Hydraulic designs available
      • Durable, reliable and economical
      • Available with¬†innovative Velocity Control Technology

      Whether you need an economical Pneumatic Bumper, or your system requires the gentle product handling and enhanced operator safety provided by our innovative Velocity Control Technology, Richmond Engineering can design a Bumper to fit your specific roll handling requirements.